Unrefined Sugar 500gm

Unrefined Sugar 500gm



Unrefined Sugar is organically produced when the sugar cane juice is boiled to meet a particular consistency. It is then poured into a wide container and stirred continuously until dry. The dried hard sugar is then made into fine powder by beating hard with wooded spatula. Now the Unrefined Sugar is soft and powdered and is then distributed in the market for our consumption. This organic Unrefined Sugar reduces stomach ulcers, a natural sweetener, improves digestion and immunity in both children and adults. It is also known as organic country sugar or organic brown sugar in some places.

This organic Unrefined Sugar contains natural vitamins and minerals which are good for the body. Other natural sugars are Panam Kalkandu also known as Palm candy, karupatti also known as pana vellam or palm jaggery. Buy Karupatti Online which is healthy and a natural sugar that is good for all ages and best suites for all recipes like laddu, payasam and other sweet items we prepare at home.

Nowadays people give more important to health and so even sweet recipes are now being made using these organic and natural sugars which doesn’t cause any damage to the internal organs. Buy Organic Panam Kalkandu online which is much more safe and free from addictives when compared with the white sugar we consume each and everyday.

We think that our tea or coffee wouldn’t taste good without adding white sugar. That’s a wrong assumption. The taste of tea or coffee is really very great when you replace white sugar with organic Unrefined Sugar. Here is the recipe, to make a perfect tea or coffee without the milk getting curdled or spoiled.


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